Manage customer secrecy securely in the cloud with DataBunker

If you're serious about security, you know how many vulnerabilities there are in customer data storage.

ParanoidGuy gives a strong, serious, real personal-data protection for your clients and business, without expensive custom coding.
Store personal sensitive records and configuration, Personal Identification Information (PII), passwords, health records.
Store financial records, bitcoin wallet recovery keys, credit cards.
Privacy by design & GDPR compliance; PCI compliance in days.
Deployment in your cloud.
HTTP REST API & Web UI Access.

To stand privacy standards encrypt customer records

Old style solution

ParanoidGuy Homepage

"Select *" will return data in clear text even if you use database encryption. The data is encrypted only on disk. In case of SQL Injection the attacker will copy all your private data.

Databunker solution

ParanoidGuy Homepage

"Select *" on backend SQL will return encrypted data. Personal data can be fetched only by using Databunker API after passing numerous security checks.

docker run -p 3000:3000 -d --rm --name dbunker paranoidguy/databunker demo Unable to find image 'paranoidguy/databunker:latest' locally latest: Pulling from paranoidguy/databunker 1cb83b1b7b4e5bc0fd331f448e59ba3a69 curl -s http://localhost:3000/v1/user -X POST -H "X-Bunker-Token: DEMO" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{"first":"John","last":"Doe","login":"john", "phone":"4444","email":""}' {"status":"ok","token":"31debb9e-64cf-616d-d8ae-c1b383c81e24"} curl -s -H "X-Bunker-Token: DEMO" -X GET http://localhost:3000/v1/user/email/ {"status":"ok","token":"31debb9e-64cf-616d-d8ae-c1b383c81e24", "data":{"email":"","first":"John","last":"Doe","login":"john","phone":"4444"}}

Databunker API

Documentation Available On Postman

Documentation is available on Postman online where all routes can be seen with relevant descriptions, requests, and responses.

Databunker for Cloud Architects & DevOps

ParanoidGuy for Covid-19 startups

Covid-19 is a global coronavirus disease. Hundreds of companies and startups are working 24x7 these days to help to resolve this problem. Everyone is working at a high pace, sometimes neglecting privacy issues. Our platform…
Databunker for Cloud Architects & DevOps

ParanoidGuy for Privacy Professionals

ParanoidGuy idea was born to help end-users to take control of their personal data. After a year of development, the software became a real one-stop-shop solution for PII storage and handling most of the privacy…
Databunker for Cloud Architects & DevOps

Databunker for Cloud Architects & DevOps

Think of Databunker as a vault for personal records with a twist. Vault products are well-known. For example Hashicorp Vault, or cloud-based like AWS Secrets Manager or GCP Secret Management tools. These tools store binary…

Looking for a 100% reliable service to store personal records? Get Databunker enterprise version for AWS.

Product FeatureDatabunker Standard
(open source)
Databunker Enterprise
(AWS Ready)
FIPS recommended encryptionYESYES
Vault for personal recordsYESYES
Encrypted search indexYESYES
Privacy PortalYESYES
DSAR request automationYESYES
Forget me request handlingYESYES
API AccessFullFull
Enterprise ready:
AWS Aurora PostgreSQL
Shamir Key Sharing (3 of 5)-YES
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