Yuli is a founder of database security company GreenSQL/Hexatier that helped companies to become PCI compliant. The company was acquired by Huawei and now is a part of Huawei cloud.

We are building state-of-the-art solutions. Yuli filed and was granted several patents related to database security, caching, and filed various patent provisionals.

We are security experts first hand. Yuli filed a security vulnerability in Microsoft Azure Active Directory that revealed a privacy misconfiguration and is now listed in the list of Microsoft top security experts.

Security & Privacy

Database Security


We build privacy tools

Our open-source GDPR compliant private data storage service Databunker can save you months of developer hours. We can also provide professional commercial version.

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We are startup friendly!

GDPR automation service for WordPress, MailChimp, GetResponse, HubSpot, SAP, Salesforce, etc... We have the best deal for startups.

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Yuli Stremovsky
Your privacy expert

GDPR Automation Service

What we deliver? Privacy by design

Architecture & code review

In depth review of your mobile application, website, backend server, cloud & log infrastructure in connection to personal data treatment, collection and transmission.

Actionable plan

We build an actionable plan that lists all tasks to become privacy by design compliant. It can include for example a task to encrypt a specific field in a database, or setup Hashicorp Vault, etc...

Follow up meetings

We will set up a number follow up meetings with your relevant personnel to validate a privacy plan execution; we will share our experience and provide feedback.