About us

Today's organizations face the need of GDPR Compliance in order to maintain their businesses and be relevant to the generation of privacy-aware consumers. ParanoidGuy team builds a secure solution that gives the customer full control of the personal data, thus helping the companies to achieve privacy by design compliance in the most effective way.

About us

Throughout my corporate career as a security developer, penetration tester, security expert & architect, and later as a startup founder I always believed that security and privacy should be built from the product ground up.

I always believed in the power of open source and feedback from open-source community. I decided to released standard version of Databunker as open source to help small teams to become privacy by design compliant. My previous venture was also based on open-source project I created - GreenSQL - a secure database solution.

Making your product privacy by design compliant will make our world a better place.

Yuli Stremovsky - the Paranoid Security Guy